Marriage prep with a new look

John and I will be married 40 years in June. Like couples today, we had to take a test to analyze our readiness for matrimony. I remember taking it and being asked if I would spend $100 without consulting my husband. That seemed a reasonable question then but now I laugh. I cannot get out of most grocery stores (when I was in them) without spending at least that amount. I am sure that those questions have been updated.

However, the recent pandemic has got me thinking that the marriage prep test could use some new questions based on this crisis and life in quarantine. For example:

1. If you have enough of these items but have a chance to purchase either extra toilet paper or extra ice cream — what would you choose?

2. If you are given money by the government do you a) save it, b) spend it, c) give it away or d) all of the above.

3. If you love eating a banana every  morning but you are almost out of fruit and the Instacart  cannot deliver for four days, do you share the banana with your spouse? (Based on a true story!)

4. Do you own several pairs of sweat pants and are you comfortable wearing them for more than one day?

5. Would you rather use your free time to watch the a) the news, b) home improvement shows, c) reality TV or d) the 2004 ALCS where the Red Sox made an impossible comeback against the Yankees?

6. Do you think it is important to a) sort your sock drawer, b) clean the Tupperware cupboard, c) organize the linen closet, d) all of the above or e) none of the above.

7. When faced with quarantine and a time of crisis the best responses are…

If your answers are love your family and pray then you are all set and do not worry about any other test questions. These are trying times but love and faith will sustain. Stay safe.

Published by spunfromtheweb

Weber holds a BA in English from her beloved Providence College and an MA in journalism from Marquette University.

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