We were supposed to…

So many of us have looked at our calendars and seen events that were scheduled that will not take place — not now at least.

For some it is a missed party or even hair appointment. For others, it is a graduation or wedding or vacation.

I have opened my planner and sighed a bit as I realize I will not be in Wisconsin in a few weeks. And this upcoming weekend I will not be in Pennsylvania at DeSales University. I was supposed to be making a presentation with my daughter, Kerry Weber Lynch, and Salesian Brother Mickey McGrath. Brother Mickey is a famous artist and we were going to collaborate with him on a special retreat day.

It was going to be delightful on so many levels. May 2 is Kerry’s birthday so I was going to be working with my firstborn and talking about the Visitation and Pope Francis’ message on communication. As we prepared I was learning just how good my daughter is at writing, critical thinking and creativity. And we were going to get to do all of this with an amazing artist! And we got to talk about Pope Francis and storytelling!

And none of that is going to happen. But that is okay — definitely in comparison with the sorrow and heartache of so many.

But as I reflected on what was supposed to happen, I looked back at the words of Pope Francis in his message on communication. He wrote:

Amid the cacophony of voices and messages that surround us, we need a human story that can speak of ourselves and of the beauty all around us.  A narrative that can regard our world and its happenings with a tender gaze.  A narrative that can tell us that we are part of a living and interconnected tapestry. A narrative that can reveal the interweaving of the threads which connect us to one another.

The words Pope Francis had written before the pandemic hit home. And I realized that he was so right and we are being sustained through this experience by positive stories and images. And I am so glad that we have so many good storytellers who help us keep our faith.

Thank you to all who sing, paint, dance, write, photograph, sew, bake and somehow share a story that connects us.

Hope this little blog helps somewhere.

Published by spunfromtheweb

Weber holds a BA in English from her beloved Providence College and an MA in journalism from Marquette University.

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