Sweet sailing into a birthday

John’s birthday was celebrated formally on July 18th,  but he began the festivities a bit early with a delightful day in Boston.

Matthew planned a special day which included a trip to Georges Island. It is part of the Boston Harbor Islands and the ship departed from the Long Wharf North, near the New England Aquarium.

Waiting for our ship to come in...

The ride out to the island was smooth and filled with nice breezes and pleasant companions — Matt, Nell, John and yours truly.

The island contains Fort Warren, which housed prisoners of war during the Civil War.

Outside wall of the fort.

John always looks at things with a keen eye.

The masonry needs a bit of work

It has lots of open space and beautiful views.

Looking out at the clear, blue sea

Visitors also were offered a peek into history with actors and old-time games.

We almost got off the island with ease… BUT

Behind Bars

And she was not the only one to be put in the slammer…

Two wise guys

We did make it back to Boston and enjoyed a fabulous Italian meal in the North End.

Walking in Paul Revere’s neighborhood

Our day concluded with good food, even better company and MILKSHAKES!! Life is good and growing older is fun when you spend a day like this!!!!

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Weber holds a BA in English from her beloved Providence College and an MA in journalism from Marquette University.

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