Riding the rails…

The Berkshire Scenic Railway is another gem in western Massachusetts.

We visited it recently and recommend it to all who like trains, adventure, history or hot dogs!

A snack before boarding!
A visit with the hot dog man is an adventure, too!

Our ride began at the Lenox station.  We were in the parlor car, which offers cloth seats and a free beverage and snack.

Ready to roll

The trip is narrated by delightful volunteers who describe the surrounding area and offer a bit of history. The railway also has a newlsetter with descriptions for the mile posts along the way.

There also is a museum which brings one back in time. Actually, the whole experience makes one think fondly of the past.

Inside the museum
Learning train hand signals...

We met the train engineer who described all the training necessary to motor our way down the track. He, too, had a Lionel train as a youngster!

Chatting about choo choos.

We even got to see our engineer in action when he backed up the engine.

The railway also offers you a chance to stand at the back of the train and have a unique view. It made us think of FDR and other politicians who campaigned from the back of a train.

A view from the rear of the train.

One of our conductors was from Brooklyn and had many stories to tell…

The train takes you through Lee and onto Stockbridge, where you can visit the station. The Fitzpatrick family (of the Red Lion Inn) own the station and let the railway use it.

Stockbridge station

You really feel as if you have traveled back in time.

He's got a ticket to ride!

And it is always good to travel in style…especially with a hat box!

The railway also offers special rides for fall foliage, pumpkin picking, a murder mystery and even one that is themed on the Polar Express. (Tickets for that go on sale July 25th!)

This trip was a delight and one that brought a lot of smiles.

For more information about the Berkshire Scenic Railway, log onto www.BerkshireSceenicRailroad.org.

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