Go North Young Man!

Well, Horace Greeley did not give that advice.  However, if anyone is  looking for a nice place to visit for a day or two then heading north is a good idea.

We recently traveled up Route 91 through beautiful Vermont and headed to the White Mountain region around Mount Washington.

Certainly, there is much to see and do there, but we focused on two main things.

The first was soaking up the scenery and relaxing atmosphere at the Mount Washington Hotel.

The back porch of the hotel

The place is a grand and elegant hotel where the World Bank began in 1944 and which reminds many of a stately cruise ship.

We sat on some Adirondack chairs and looked out at the White Mountain National Forest.

super scenery
A clear day to see the peaks

And this place was made for relaxing.  There are large verandas and comfy chairs everywhere.

A great place to put your feet up...

The lobby is elegant and features so many interesting architectural details.

Toward the ballroom
A great place for guests

You can play board games in this beautiful place or work on a puzzle  or just sit and read or think.

There are acres of grounds for exploring and many nature paths.

A nature hike

We also took the Cog Railway to the top of Mount Washington. John  made sure to get us scheduled on the steam engine.

Chugging Along

It was a really steep climb and the grade was between 25 and 39 percent.

I think I can

We made it to the top!

At the summit

 I could fill this blog with lots more scenic photos. There are many natural swimming areas that we saw along the road.

"Splash Mountain"

However, the best way to see the beauty and fun is to go there.

Enjoy… but watch out for these

Moose on the loose

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