Opening Night


Easter Sunday meant that churches were full and so was Fenway Park!

I was lucky enough to go there with my son, Matthew, and daughter, Elizabeth.

It was a very enjoyable time but I did have a few spiritual thoughts out in the bleachers.

That was the view from our seats!!

We cheered when Pedro Martinez threw out the first pitch. And Elizabeth and I cowered a little in our seats when the F16 jets did a fly over. They are loud and fast. I yelled very loudly for Neil Diamond when he sang “Sweet Caroline.” I didn’t care that much when Steven Tyler of Aerosmith sang “God Bless America.” I showed my age there!

It was fantastic that the Sox won. And it was fun to be with some of my family. I even meant another person from WesternMass. who was there for the 25th straight opening day with his son!!

Elizabeth was able to come to the game because Matthew gave up his seat for her. And he got a chance, through Harvard, to help with Fenway Park’s recycling efforts. He said that collecting plastic bottles was hard work but he enjoyed it. He laughed when one man said, “Hey Nature Guy come over here.”

Yet as I watched the thousands of excited and screaming fans I wondered how we as a church could get people to be as faithful and enthusiastic.

Baseball is a slow game — still people come.

Baseball is passed on from parent to child  — just like our faith should be passed along.

Fenway is hard to get to.  There is no good parking. The prices are high. But still people come to this cathedral of the game.

There is something special there. I felt it in the pre-game excitement as I watched Nomar work for ESPN.

The Red Sox do not have the message of Salvation. They have beaten a “curse” :), but they have not triumphed over death.

We as a church have to figure out how to get people to wear our gear and be proud and excited to be Catholics.

I sensed that feeling when I went to Yankee Stadium to see Pope Benedict XVI two years ago. However, it would be great that we could be as aware of our membership in a universal and 2,000-year-old-church as we are as members of Red Sox Nation!

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Weber holds a BA in English from her beloved Providence College and an MA in journalism from Marquette University.

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