In my most recent column in The Catholic Observer, I wrote about trying to put more  effort into prayer. I noted that I do invest a lot of my interests and energy into sports. And I reflected that I would like to spend more time connecting to God. To be honest, it is a struggle. However, I keep trying.

Writing the column got me thinking about some of my favorite places to pray. Here they are. Now,  of course, I can’t go to all of them all the time. However, they are memorable. I welcome your suggestions.


I looked through my pictures from my trip to Rome last year and would have filled this blog with shots of churches, historic sites, pretty piazzas and scenic views. There is something so spiritual about Rome and the Vatican.

Fenway Park!!

They call it a baseball cathedral and I agree. I find somthing very spiritual there — even when I am praying for  a hit or a strikeout or perfection during Jon Lester’s no-hitter. It is a place of beauty and joy.

Shrines and Chapels

I love visiting shrines and chapel — like this one near St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Brighton. I like outdoors stations of the cross. St. Anne Shrine in Fiskdale has a nice one. The view at the Marian Shrine in Stockbridge is incredible. And…

La Salette Christmas Lights

Yes, Christmas lights, anywhere, inspire prayer. However, the ones at La Salette in Attleboro are awesome.

But one does not need extraordinary!!

I like praying in my car — seriously! It is one of my top five places to pray.

I love returning to Holy Name Parish in Springfield and looking at the windows and thinking of my parents.

I love sitting in the adoration chapel at Holy Cross Parish in Springfield.

And I hope to pop into the Fatima Shrine at St. Mary Parish in Hampden soon.

And whenever I step on the campus of Providence College I am drawn to their lovely chapel — St. Dominic Chapel. It has a special memorial for the young women who died in a fire there in 1977. I like to go in there and remember them and just think about the school and all the good people there who have made my faith and my family’s faith grow.

The liturgy there is awesome — great music and super preaching.

And it is a beautiful place.

St. Dominic Chapel

So take a second today to think about where and when you pray.

It’s a good way to observe Lent and maybe browse through some old photos or memories.

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Weber holds a BA in English from her beloved Providence College and an MA in journalism from Marquette University.


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