My most recent column in The Catholic Observer focuses a bit on being kind and trying not to complain.

Those are two things I really have to work on in my life. Oh and being patient and not worrying are two others I can add to the list.

I was inspired by the talk by Immaculée Ilibagiza at Cathedral High School in Springfield on a cold January night. Her story is compelling and can be read in her bestseller book Left to Tell.


Her book is about forgiveness and kindness. And in light of all the recent stories about bullying I think her message is needed more now than ever.

And the whole business of cyber bullying is addressed beautifully for young people and adults in Mary Casanova’s second American Girl book, Chrissa Stands Strong.


Of course the whole idea of intolerance is not new. My husband, John, daughters, Kerry and Elizabeth, and I were lucky enought to see “South Pacific” in New York City. It contains some powerful messages about love and acceptance.


Elizabeth, John and Kerry before the show


In the Lobby and On the Town

Our theatre was right near the Metropolitan Opera House and I took a shot of it at sundown.

It also was a  joy to journey to Queens and see Kerry in her new apartment. She made the most delicious pancakes. And in Manhattan, we  got to meet many of her awesome co-workers at “America” magazine.

Great Magazine

We even got to attend a Mass with some very welcoming Jesuits.

They clearly had learned the lesson of kindness.

If you are interested in learning even more about bullying here are some resources.

Check out “Real to Reel” for a great report by Teri Breguet on bullying. She also will be “blogging” on our diocesan blog Also has a link to additional assistance.

And if you are on Facebook you can become a fan of Catholic Communications.

And finally, check out  and go to  the “Blink” show. There you will find a video called “A Prayer for Haiti”  another called “Church” and one entitled “Pray.” They all have been produced by my son, Matthew. And even if I weren’t his mother I would recommend them.

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Weber holds a BA in English from her beloved Providence College and an MA in journalism from Marquette University.

One thought on “IT’S GOOD TO BE KIND

  1. Great entry! I love how you made connections between books and talks and musicals and life! And what great NYC memories! Love you, Mom! Love, E

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