It’s good to make discoveries and experience new things.

In my most recent column in The Catholic Observer I wrote about how we helped move our daughter, Kerry, to the Sunnyside Gardens neighborhood in Queens, N.Y.  We were a bit nervous as we headed to the big city but we discovered a charming neighborhood, a darling apartment and an unusual faucet.

Check this out…

dolphin faucet


The apartment also has cute art deco wall sconces and beautiful hardwood floors.

Most of us think of New York City as a place with skyscrapers and few trees. However, Kerry lives on a tree-lined street with a cute front door.

kerry's front door
Kerry's front door is on the right

And I also realized that you don’t have to go far from home to look at life in a new way or different fashion.

My son, Matthew, came home recently while my husband was traveling for work. Matthew and I spent a glorious fall day hiking in a quarry near our house. On the way we passed a tree we must have seen hundreds of times. However, this time we noticed the leaves and how they show love.


We also enjoyed seeing the quarry with new eyes. Matthew and his siblings and friends had hiked there when they were young. We had not gone back in quite a while. It was fun to remember the day they found a snake there. And it was good to see the beauty of this place that had once been their playground of sorts.


I felt invigorated after our hike. It wasn’t just the exercise. It was the chance to open my eyes anew to a familiar world.

I liked seeing some place new like Queens. AndI liked seeing some place old with new eyes. I was glad for both chances to test my vision.



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Weber holds a BA in English from her beloved Providence College and an MA in journalism from Marquette University.


  1. I love this entry!

    Kerry’s faucet is so awesome, and the quarry photos are beautiful.

    And I think the snake was named Sid… 🙂

  2. Beautiful pictures – loved the dolphin and the leaf. Also love your choice of Christmas tree.

    If you use an artificial tree, you can leave it up all year – like I did – yes, in the sunroom – all lights, no ornaments. Barely noticeable – unless a five-year-old visits and wants to know what’s up with the Christmas tree in August.

    I think the snake’s name was ‘Slid’.

  3. Loved the fall photos with such rich vivid colors. Also loved the faucet, it will come in handy to ward off winter time flu. A pretty front door is always a sign of welcome and hospitality. May you enter always in good spirit, good health and good wishes.

  4. How fun! Great article. I always feel loved when surrounded by trees. I love the dolphin faucet-although I have never sold one. Kerry’s place looks great.

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