Happy New Year

I know it is not January but whenever a new school year rolls around it seems like a new beginning.

I know that school starts at St. Mary’s School in Ware today because I was chatting with a sweet singer, Brianna Lamb, who be in 8th grade there this fall. “Real to Reel” is a doing a story on her efforts and I got to see her perform at the Town Gazebo in Ludlow last night as part of the story.

I wrote in my most recent column in The Catholic Observer that I have always loved back-to-school time and the chance to learn something new. However, I also love summer and the chance to kick  back and do nothing or just have a little fun.

Recently, I got to enjoy three, really sweet things.

The first, literally was sweet. I ate frozen custard while visiting family in Wisconsin. This “stuff” is way better than ice cream. I think it must be much more fattening as well since it is made with egg yolks. My favorite treat at Leon’s (on 27th and Oklahoma if you are ever in Milwaukee) is a hot fudge sundae on butter pecan. I know, it couldn’t get any more decadent.


Another joy for me is to sit on the shore of Lake Michigan and watch my family skip stones. I never have figured out how to do it, but there is  something so peaceful and joyous about sitting on the rocks and watching my loved ones skim the little rocks across the water. And there is something so restorative about being around water. (In addition, Lake Michigan is so big you almost think you are near an ocean.)



Here one can see how pretty this Great Lake is.


And my third fun summer thing was going to the Paul McCartney concert at Fenway Park. I loved that cute Beatle when I was young…and still do.

My son, Matthew, took me to the special event. Our daughter, Elizabeth, took my husband, John. It was a magical night and that 67-year-old singer gave us two-and-a-half  hours of awesome entertainment.



Have a great school year.

Oh, and one more thing. My sister-in-law Mary Ann made a great fruit dip. She combined an 8 ounce package of Cool Whip (Lite or regular) with a regular size containerof yogurt. She used apricot/mango. It was delicious.

Next time I will share her caramel apple dip.

Feel free to post any comments or questions or log onto www.iobserve.org for the latest news in the Diocese of Springfield.

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Weber holds a BA in English from her beloved Providence College and an MA in journalism from Marquette University.

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Mom, I love the blog! The pictures are awesome!!! (But they are making me miss summer!) Here’s to a wonderful new school year. 🙂 Love you, Elizabeth

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